A major breakthrough during the fiscal year 2012 – 2013 was the partnership agreement between Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre (VIMS) and Canadia for the monthly Third Saturday of the Month Multi-Specialty Clinic at the polyclinic CHERE. In order to understand the significance of this partnership it is helpful to commence with a very brief outline of VIMS

VIMS-CHERE Partnership 2014 - Monthly 3rd Saturday Specialty Clinics
January 18th
No Of Patients Served : 61
No of Specialists volunteered : 5
March 15th
No Of Patients Served : 70
No of Specialists volunteered : 7
April 19th
No Of Patients Served : 73
No of Specialists volunteered : 9
May 17th
No Of Patients Served : 50
No of Specialists volunteered : 7
June 21st
No Of Patients Served : 47
No of Specialists volunteered : 2
July 19th
No Of Patients Served : 54
No of Specialists volunteered : 7
September 20th
No Of Patients Served : 47
No of Specialists volunteered : 8
October 18th
No Of Patients Served : 35
No of Specialists volunteered : 7
November 15th
No Of Patients Served : 25
No of Specialists volunteered : 5
December 20th
No Of Patients Served : 20
No of Specialists volunteered : 6

VIMS-CHERE Partnership 2013 - Monthly 3rd Saturday Specialty Clinics


February 16th
No Of Patients Served : 112
March 16th
No Of Patients Served : 107
April 20th
No Of Patients Served : 95
May 18th
No Of Patients Served : 100
June 16th
No Of Patients Served : 76
July 13th
No Of Patients Served : 54
September 13th
No Of Patients Served : 30
September 13th
No Of Patients Served : 30
September 21st
No Of Patients Served : 81
October 19th
No Of Patients Served : 50
November 13th
No Of Patients Served : 119
December 21st
No Of Patients Served : 75

VIMS in Brief

VIMS is one of the leading health sciences institution providing education and health care services that meet the highest global standards. It is located in the east end Whitefield neighbourhood of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. 

A comprehensive range of general and specialty health services are provided at the hospital. An integrated health education is offered at the companion medical school. In addition the institution undertakes basic and applied research to advance the frontiers of knowledge in health sciences. 

The greatest strength of VIMS is the caliber of professionals and students who work and learn at the institution. People are backed by first-rate physical infrastructure consisting of buildings, laboratories, equipment, and supplies that meet exacting standards of contemporary technologies. 

The 1,000 bed hospital serves thousands of patients annually. As a leading educational and health care institution, VIMS undertakes charitable outreach work to promote total health in rural and underserved communities. 

The Partnership Process in a Capsule

The partnership agreement is the result of sustained efforts by both parties to arrive at a mutually satisfactory arrangement. The effort started with a General Health Camp on 2012 May 20, Sunday, and ended with the agreement to have Monthly (Third Saturday of the Month) Multi-Specialty Clinics at CHEREcommencing 2013 February 16, Saturday. It is a long story worthy of an essay at another time. The highlights of the story are the following. 

On 2012 February 17, Friday, thanks to the introduction by Dr. Praveen Kumar and the formal letter of request by Narasim Katary, Ms Kalpaja, the Director ofVIMS authorized a General Health Camp in Kandavara/Chikballapur. She also authorized 4 General Health Camps per year, to be conducted every 3 months. The first and only General Health Camp took place on 2012 May 20, Sunday. The rest were cancelled by mutual consent. 

On 2012 December 21, Friday, Mr. Shivaram Malur, a close friend of Dr. Kantha Jadhav, the Advisor (de facto Chair of Board) to VIMS, took Narasim Katary, the Advisor to the Trustees of Canadia to meet with her. It was a most productive meeting. Narasim presented a formal 4 page proposal for VIMS to adoptCHERE as their Satellite Outreach Clinic. Thanks to the introduction by Shivaram, Dr. Kantha authorized a site visit by a high powered team by VIMS including herself to CHERE. The purpose of the site visit was to assess the feasibility of CHERE becoming a Satellite Clinic of VIMS

On 2013 January 2, Wednesday, Dr. Gurumurthy, the Principal of the Med School, and Dr. Mohan Gurappa, the Head of ENT at the School, made the site visit. Dr. Kantha could not join because of the serious illness of a family member. Mr. Shivaram Malur, Mr. Krishnamurthy, Ms Gajalakshmi – all three, Friends of Canadia, and Narasim joined them on the way to Kandavara. Dr. Manjunath Byadigere, a Trustee of Canadia, joined the group at the polyclinic. 

Dr. Saraswathy Aithal, the volunteer family physician, was at the clinic to receive the delegation from Bangalore. She met with the entire group and answered several questions from Dr. Gurumurthy and Dr. Mohan Gurappa. The meeting was very friendly and productive. Also, the two physicians from VIMS met with Sister Kavitha, the staff GNM, and examined the polyclinic including equipment and supplies. They were quite pleased with the entire operation. 

On 2013 January 21, Monday, Mr. Krishnamurthy, Ms Gajalakshmi, and Narasim met with Dr. Kantha very briefly. She was getting ready for a visit by a high level delegation on the matter of granting VIMS a deemed university status. In a forthright manner she explained that CHERE was too far away to become a Satellite Clinic of VIMS but wanted to meet with Team Canadia to explore other options. 

On 2013 February 1, Friday, Professor Lingaraj Bangalore and Narasim, advisors to the Trustees of Canadia, had a lengthy meeting with Dr. Kantha. The meeting was exceptionally friendly and productive. She called in her colleagues, Dr. Mohan Gurappa and Dr. Chalapathy Delavai. The three of them discussed among themselves feasible options on how to partner with Canadia at CHERE. All three agreed that VIMS should send specialist teams of 3 or 4 physicians from VIMS, three times a month, i.e., the First, Third, and Fourth Saturdays of the month, every month. Lingaraj and Narasim walked out of the meeting quite pleased with the outcome. 

On 2013 February 4, Monday, Narasim called Dr. Mohan Gurappa to say farewell before leaving for Sudbury. Dr. Gurappa informed him that Director Kalpaja and others had discussed the matter of three visits a month by Team VIMS to CHERE and came to the conclusion that once a month was the most feasible option from the point of view of VIMS

The Partnership Agreement is straightforward. Every Third Saturday of the Month, VIMS sends a team of 8 to 10 specialists to provide advanced medical services at CHERE. Canadia organizes the event and promotes the event in and around Kandavara/Chikballapur. 

The Partnership in Action

In the following paragraphs a summary of activities carried by the VIMS-CHERE Partnership is set forth. As of this writing (2013 May 26, Sunday), VIMS has carried out 1 General Health Camp and 4 Multi-Specialty Clinics. 

1. General Health Camp by VIMS on 2012 May 20, Sunday

A total of 188 patients from Kandavara and surrounding villages attended the camp. Nearly 50 percent needed general medicine and orthopaedic services. Two patients were referred to VIMS for cataract surgery. A breakdown of patients is given below to indicate the traits of patients. 

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2. First Multi-Specialty Clinic by VIMS on 2013 February 16, Saturday

In all 112 patients from Kandavara and surrounding villages were examined by the following specialists: OBG, Pediatrics, General Medicine, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic and ENT. Specialties represented were published before the Event. 

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3. Second Multi-Specialty Clinic by VIMS on 2013 March 16, Saturday

In all 107 patients from Kandavara and surrounding villages were examined. Highlight of this camp was that there were more people from the surrounding villages like Agalagurki and Jadala Thimmanahalli. Patients have come to recognize that free specialty services are available every Third Saturday of the Month.

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4. Third Multi-Specialty Clinic by VIMS on 2013 April 20, Saturday 

In all 95 patients from Kandavara and surrounding villages were examined. At the VIMS campus there was an unscheduled event on this day that caused some confusion about whether or not Team VIMS would visit CHERE. Fortunately, Dr. Seetharam was kind enough to hand pick a team of doctors who were ready to visit CHERE.

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5. Fourth Multi-Specialty Clinic by VIMS on 2013 May 18, Saturday

When Dr. Jaidev mentioned, ”This time there was a proper line up of patients with respect to the specializations”, we all knew what the reason was. We have a new duty doctor who joined our team in April. It was Dr. Shweta Srinivas with the able assistance of Sister Kavitha, who streamed patients.

In total 100 patients were examined. Interestingly, 6 were from Jadethimmanahalli and 2 from Tiranahalli – both at a distance from the polyclinic.

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Click here for more details on all the events of VIMS-CHERE partnership.



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