Presenting here some interesting testimonials we received from our stakeholders. No effort has been made to alter grammar, syntax, and composition. Where the comment was in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, or Urdu, the translation is by the person who took notes. Again authenticity has been adhered to. 

From Patients:

“Doctor gave good consultation, he told that they will give calipers next time when they come. Very thankful for organizing camp”   – Chandrappa from Kandavara

“Doctor has promised me that they will give artificial leg, these kind of camps are very useful for people like me, thanks sir for doing this camp” -  Ismail

I come here every month whenever Dr. Saraswathy visits. She treats us very well and I am very happy about the treatment I get in the clinic. Also clinic is very clean and maintained really well. I do not visit any other hospital and I have told all my friends and relatives to come here only. ~ Ammannamma, Resident,Kandavara

The camp was very good. We require such camps once in six months. Such camps are very useful for aged persons. In the CHERE Hospital we require a General practitioner and a lady doctor ~ Manjula, Teacher in the Government Primary School, Kandavara

They explained me very nicely. Anybody can give medicines but here they treated us nicely and spoke well ~ Narayana Swamy, during the PLF camp. 

Doctors treated us well and they also gave medicines. More such camps are required since there are no lady doctors available for us - Devika, during the Onco-Gynaecology Camp 

The doctor has asked me to get admitted to hospital for operation. They said that everything including food and accommodation is free. I am getting admitted next week ~ A patient during the VIMS-CHERE General Health Camp 

I had eye problem and also problem in my stomach. I am happy that I could meet both the doctors at the same place ~ A patient during the VIMS-CHERE General Health Camp 

From Guests:

Organizations like Canadia are much needed and focus on health is in great demand. We should be thankful to those who have donated the building and the team dedicated to work for such a noble cause. We will support Canadia in whatever way we can from the government ~ Dr Bhaktavatsala, DHO Chikballapur

Canadia organization is doing the right thing. We need more such active organizations to work on such noble projects. People in Kandavara should come forward and support Canadia and create a good name and at the same time solve its problems ~ Mr. Bacchegowda, MLA, Chikballapur 

From Voluntary Health Professionals:

In my daily ophthalmology work I look for the kind of patient that came in at the end today.All she needed were a pair of new glasses. She was given the full set of tests at no cost to her and a prescription was given to her. She can get the new pair for about Rs. 150 locally.She need not wait for an appointment in a private eye clinic for that. I feel very happy doing my job ~ Dr. Chandrashekar Kambaalimath VIMS Bangalore.

Organizations like Canadia are much needed and focus on health is in great demand. We should be thankful to those who have donated the building and the team dedicated to work for such a noble cause. We will support Canadia in whatever way we can from the government ~ Dr Bhaktavatsala DHO Chikkaballapur.

Even if I see 2 patients a day, I would be happy. The patient I saw just now had some itching in her vagina and all that she has to do is to apply some cream, there is nobody to tell her that, so I have done my part ~ Dr. Aparna Jha VIMS Bangalore

The Camp was organised very well but the overall process need to be fine-tuned a bit. Time Management should have been done better. There were too many doctors in the camp. The low turnaround by patients may be due to the fact that the Months up to December are usually considered as Healthy season. Feb-March is the ideal months for health camp. (In response to the accumulation of cases Dr. Poornima said it cannot be done.).Call two doctors from different specialties every week and they can handle cases. Refer "Park & Park" book for survey related aspects. It gives a complete description with questions on health survey .Weekly clinics are not a good idea because people can’t wait for a Sunday for them to be treated especially the children cases. What if the fever comes on a Monday when the doctor visits every Sunday? ~ Dr. Poornima Koyal, Gynaecologist, Bangalore 

A very well organised medical camp by enthusiastic young professionals. Kudos to them for their immense interest & co-operation. Congrats to the whole CANADIA Team for their untiring effort ~ Dr. Sashikala Chandrashekar, ENT Specialist, Bangalore

It was really a good camp and we didn’t expect this type of organisation in this village. We are thankful to everyone who organised and thankful for exploring us ~ Hemesh & Venkata Anudeep, Medical Assistants during the PLF Camp

"More promotion was required for the camp. Great commitment by Team Canadia. Thanks to Team Canadia" - Dr. Nataraj, Onco-Gynaecologist, Bangalore

The camp was well organised. The attendance was lesser than expected .May be the recent camps around Chikaballapur would be the reason. We need to decide on next strategies and see what specialisation we can bring in to benefit people in the next camp ~ Camp Manager, VIMS.



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