Core Values

The following 5-C constitute our values.They are the five fires or panchagnis of our very being. They are both reflective and aspirational. Since the Foundation Day it is the adherence to these values that has sustained us all through the vicissitudes of voluntary work. Imperfect as we are, when we stray from our values we invite all interested people to bring us back to our beliefs. In the following paragraphs, each value has been elaborated to give fuller expression to latent ideas that undergird it.














It is in the matching of coincident needs and resources where creativity blossoms to its full potential in a resource constrained society - both human and material. There is no substitute to innovation in delivering services. We are willing to face challenges without preconceived notions about what will work and what will not except in well-established matters.

We accomplish this by fostering a vibrant intrapreneurial culture where each person enjoys job autonomy to carry out the required job through research, development, and demonstration suited to his or her interests. As we all know intrapreneurism is internal to the organization and thrives only when people involved realize in their bones that in this place failure is embraced as long as it is a stepping stone to the next try. For us failure is not possible. Our preoccupation with creativity has made us into an open organization for anyone who is able and willing to join and make a contribution to advance our vision.


Candoism is the ideology of instituting improvements in the face of conventional wisdom that exhorts the impossibility of such actions. We draw our inspiration from the poorest of the poor who not only stoically cope but also heroically thrive. Few of us can bend history itself but all of us can make history by our individual acts of courage. We believe that optimism is not an attitude that needs to be cultivated but is inherent in each of us waiting for an outlet to emerge and transform the impossible into the normal. We are dedicated to providing that opportunity to those who seek a newer world.

Commitment To Excellence

Genuine excellence is the purview of an infinitesimally small number of people. Commitment to excellence, however, is open to us all. For us good enough is not good enough when it comes to pursuing our vision, mission, objectives, and programs. We are cognizant of the distinction between doing it right and doing the right thing. First we strive to find the right thing to do and then we apply our abilities and will to do it right.

We are of the view that leading by example is not a virtue but a necessity in an environment bathed in advise and criticisms. Over time we shall strive to be known by what we do.


Our belief in the integrity of why we are doing what we are doing and how we are doing drives our thoughts, words, and deeds. We are not doing the work for the sake of people who may benefit from it although that is a desired outcome. We are not doing the work to satisfy our own egos and derive social approbation however satisfying that may be. We are doing it simply because it is the right thing to do. In a sense, we are following the injunction of the charioteer Krishna to the warrior Arjuna - effective action without attachment to the fruits of your action. Ethical practices flow naturally from this concept.

Disclosure is our operative principle when it comes to our work. Our signature line is: Tell it All, Tell it First, Tell it Yourself. The people who are supporting us and others have a right to know and we have an obligation to let them know. As a public body we are accountable, in principle and in practice, to everyone. Candour is also required to acquire credibility with stakeholders. We are a group of life-long learners and we have been learning from the people with whom we deal with. We will continue to be responsive to needs and wants of the people we serve and we are resilient enough to adapt and adopt best practices from wherever we can. People we are attempting to serve are not clients but are the very reason for our being in this activity.


In a society suffused with profound contradictions be it social structure, economic disparity, cultural diversity, or political fragmentation, cooperation is often seen as an idol to which one tips one's hat and moves on to hard wired confrontations. We categorically reject this idea based upon experience. We believe that in spite of built-in resistance to cooperation there is a vast reservoir of goodwill to collaborate when interests are common.

Our basic premise is that collaboration is fruitful when organizations are viewed as collections of individuals where many may be committed to collaboration. Our job is to discover (discover is the word) them and work through them. To the surprise or dismay of people who know us well, we have worked quite effectively with all three sectors of the economy, namely, private, public, and not-for-profit.


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