Children’S Education And Health

Children’S Education And Health

One of the principal objectives of Canadia is to provide primary health care and primary education to children who come from lowest income neighborhoods in the Kandavara Catchment Area (KCA). We do not see primary education and primary health care as two different activities but view them as two sides of the same coin. To state it simply, good education is not possible without sound health. Keeping this in mind we focus on about 212 children who attend the Heritage Primary School and on about 47 children who attend the Desai Residential School for Scheduled Castes and Tribes in Kandavara. They are about 30 metres and 200 metres respectively from the polyclinic CHERE. In the light of the reputation that the polyclinic has developed since its creation, some parents bring their children from about 32 villages in the KCA.

All children receive following kinds of services at the polyclinic:

01. Healthy Child Screening.

02. Personal Hygiene knowledge.

03. Nutrition Counselling.

04. Walk-in Clinic.

05. Patient Referrals.

06. Diabetes Education.

07. Immunization Counselling.

08. Physical Fitness Knowledge.



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