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VIMS-CHERE Eleventh Multi-Specialty Clinic

VIMS-CHERE 11th specialty clinic happened on the third Saturday ~ 2013 December, 21. In total there were 75 patients who took part in the event. The big winner for this event is that almost 50% of the people who visited the clinic were from other villages. The list of villages are as follows: Kothanur, Jade Thimmanahalli, Bacchalli, Andralli, Thirnalli, Nandi, Chokkalli, Katriguppe and from Chikballapur. We were pleasantly surprised that the word of mouth message has reached all these villages and we have people visiting our clinic from these villages.

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VIMS-CHERE Tenth Multi-Specialty Clinic

VIMS-CHERE 10th specialty clinic happened on the third Saturday ~ 2013 November, 16. In total there were 120 patients who took part in the event. There were a lot of people from other villages as well like Jade Thimmanahalli and Thirnalli. VIMS doctors were more or less on time for the event and did their duties till the last patient walked out of the clinic.

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VIMS-CHERE Ninth Specialty Clinic

VIMS-CHERE 9th specialty clinic happened on the third Saturday ~ 2013 October, 19. While the doctors from VIMS arrived a bit late to the venue, we volunteers tried setting up the venue and made all the patients patiently wait for the doctors. Doctors arrived at 11.30 and immediately they started seeing the patients. By the time doctors arrived, there were enough patients assembled at the venue and once the message got around in the village, more patients started walking into the clinic.

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