To commemorate World Diabetic Day, November 14th, Padmashree School of Public Health, Bengaluru, conducted a Diabetic Risk Assessment Survey Camp at the Kandavara Health Centre, CHERE.

The idea for the Camp was conceived and executed by the Principal of Padmashree School, Dr. Umashankar. Dr. Umashankar has observed the work of the tiny NGO, Canadia, for some time, and has been a consistent supporter of its efforts. He is also very familiar with the operations of the small Health Centre that has been functioning effectively for over 5.5 years. It was his view that a Health Centre such as CHERE was an ideal place to conduct a Diabetic Camp. Of course, the World Diabetic Day provided the perfect opportunity for bringing his Team Padmashree to Kandavara to assess teh needs of people in the Kandavara Catchment Area (KCA).

The Advance Team arrived at CHERE at 9:30 a.m. to set up. The Full Team arrived at 10:00 a.m. in the Padmashree Bus. Team Padmashree consisted of 4 faculty members, Doctors Umashankar, Diwaker, Priya, and Bani, and 21 Graduate Students pursuing the Master of Public Health Degree Program.

The Camp had two major components. First was the testing of blood sugar levels. Second was the audio-visual lecture addressing patients in groups of 20 at a time.

Thanks to sound promotional work by CHERE staff, Sister Kavitha Kyalanur and Sapna Kandavara, 120 patients from the Kandavara Catchment Area came to the Camp to take advantage of professional guidance and assistance.

Many of the patients interested in the diabetic survey were also general patients. Dr. Thejaswini, the resident physician at CHERE attended to their needs. In a practical sense, patients who came had a double benefit of both assessment for diabetes and for securing primary health care.

Registration and guidance of patients were done by Grad Students and staff of CHERE. It was clear from the start that Team Padmashree had considerable experience in organizing the efficient functioning of the Camp. To witness the smooth flow of patients was akin to witnessing a disciplined performance by professionals.

All patients were examined and given the lectures by 2:45 p.m.

Team Padmashree were served a modest lunch by Team Canadia. A Group Photograph was taken and the Team from Bengaluru left at 3:30 p.m.

If response by several patients given to a member from Canadia is any indication, patients were uniformly satisfied with the conduct and professionalism of Team Padmashree and Team Canadia.


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