VIMS-CHERE Fourth Specialty Clinic

Event date: 2013 May 18th, Saturday. When Dr. Jaidev mentioned that "this time there was a proper line up of patients with respect to the specializations", we all knew what the reason was. We have no other reasons to feel proud about that we have a new duty doctor who joined our team in the month of April 2013. It was Dr. Shweta Srinivas with the able assistance of Sister Kavitha, the line up of patients were much better considering the specializations we had for the day. We were all happy to see VIMS team arriving on time and by then we had a good line up of patients who were ready with their registrations and tokens. As soon as the doctors arrived, we started our event. In total there were 100 patients turned up for the event, out of which 6 were from Jadethimmanahalli and 2 from Tiranahalli. There were plenty of referrals time; 9 cataract cases, 4 general surgery cases and 2 dermatology cases. All of them were asked to visit VIMS for the free surgeries and investigations. CHERE team is organizing a vehicle to drop all the patients at VIMS, Bangalore in the following week. The breakup of specializations and number of patients getting benefited from them as under:  Some photographs from the fourth specialty clinic as under:

Ophthalmologists examining a patient


Patients awaiting their turn after the registration


General Surgeon Dr. Aman, examining a patient


Patient awaiting her turn. she could not have gone to any town to see a doctor.


Dr. Shweta Srinivas assisting patients and guiding them to the right specialist




CHERE Team in relaxing mood after all the hardwork of organizing stuff


Our caretaker, Chandramma is getting her eyes tested by the Ophthal specialists


The Team: CHERE + VIMS


VIMS Bus with the photograph of the founder Late Adikeshavulu in front of the CHERE Poluclinic building



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