CHERE-Vydehi General Health Camp

Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) and Research Centre, Bangalore
General Health Camp 
2012 May, 20, Sunday  At CHERE Polyclinic, Kandavara
The Background
Team Canadia tied up with Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre to provide quality health care services through regular camps for people around Kandavara village. Earlier, Team Canadia met with the Vydehi Camp in charge Dr Chalapathy and discussed the modalities of having regular general and specialised camp at CHERE Campus. 

The promotion for the camp was carried out in the following ways.

1. 3000 pamphlets were printed and distributed 2 days before the camp. KTF took the responsibility to distribute them.

2. Autorikshaw announcement was done covering the surrounding 10 sqkm (30 villages).

3. Sister Kavitha visited each house of Kandavara and informed about the camp.

4. Team CHERE and KTF went across Kandavara for word of mouth announcement through several sections of the village on the camp day.

5. Invited Media persons and dignitaries of the area.

Pre-Camp Visit by Vydehi Team:

· Mr.Nagaraj with his associates visited Kandavara on 13 may 2012, Sunday, and discussed about the camp with CHERE and KTF members. 
· T S Manjunath, Sudheendra and Harish from Team CHERE-Blr and Murali, Tilak and Chandu from KTF team were present in the meeting 
· Vydehi team visited the CHERE Health centre and the primary school to plan on the arrangements for the camp day. 

Team of Health Professionals for the camp:
1. Mr YNS Nagaraj - Facility Manager.
2. Dr Santhosh,
3. Dr Manjunath KG,
4. Dr Ananya Reddy,
5. Dr Ajitha K,
6. Dr Harsha P,
7. Dr Sathya Narayana,
8. Dr Chirag Majithia,
9. Dr Kamal Odedra,
10. Dr Swati Savalia,
11. Dr Bharthi,
12. Dr Thapo Teja,
13. Dr Vyshnavi Rao,
14. Dr Prajwala,
15. Dr Shraddha,
16. Dr Ramya Prabhu,
17. Dr Gomathi Reddy,
18. Dr Jayraj,
19. Dr Manjunath Byadigere, CHERE
20. Sister Kavitha, CHERE, Kandavara 

The representing departments of VIMS at the camp

1. Dental Surgery
2. Dermatology
3. Ear, Nose, Throat
4. General Surgery
5. Internal Medicine
6. Obstetrics/Gynecology
7. Ophthalmology
8. Orthopedics
9. Pediatrics
10. Pharmacy
11. Electroencephalogram (ECG)

Camp day events:

1. Camp was scheduled from 1000 hrs. to 1400 hrs. TS, Lavanya and Harish were present on the previous day, Sudhi, Dr.Manjunath and Dr Anita arrived on the camp day morning. Doctors and the team from Vydehi arrived at 1000 hrs. on the camp day. 
2. There were 38 members in the Vydehi team including 18 doctors a pharmacist, Lab attendants and others. 
3. As earlier planned the Vydehi Team with CHERE team tied up banners and arranged the respective specialisation boards at designated rooms. 
4. There were 8 consulting rooms at the school including a pharmacy and 4 at CHERE Health centre including lab and registration desk. 
5. The registration of patients with health card distribution was at CHERE Health Centre. A booklet on health by Vydehi Hospital was also distributed along with the card. Sister Kavitha, Lavanya and Sudheendra took care of registration desk. 



6. The benefits of CHERE card and Vydehi card was explained during registration. 
7. Laboratory services including ECG, BP, etc. were conducted at CHERE building. 
8. A total of 188 patients from Kandavara and surrounding villages took part in the camp. 
9. Few of the patients were advised to visit the Vydehi hospital in Bangalore for further treatment /surgery (Provided free). 
10. Medicines were distributed free during the camp as per the prescription from the doctors. 
11. Team closed the registrations at 1400 hrs. Team had the lunch at 1330 hrs. in batches. 
12. All the doctors left the venue by 1530 hrs. 





Camp Statistics 

· A total of 188 patients attended the camp.

· Around 50% of the patients visited “general Medicine” and “orthopaedic” clinics.

· 2 patients were suggested to get admitted in Vydehi hospital for Cataract Surgery

The various attributes of the patients are as described in the below tables

Table 1: Gender wise attendance

No. of Males


No. of Females




Table 2: Location wise attendance
Patients from Kandavara - 165                     


Outside Kandavara




Table 3: Age wise attendance 


    Number of patients

Below 10




















“The camp was well organised. The attendance was lesser than expected .May be the recent camps around Chikkaballapur would be the reason. We need to decide on next strategies and see what specialisation we can bring in to benefit people in the next camp”

Camp Manager, VIMS

Voices from the patients:

“We are happy that the medicines are provided free.”

“The doctor has asked me to get admitted to hospital for operation. They said that everything including food and accommodation is free/. I am getting admitted next week “

“I had eye problem and also problem in my stomach. I am happy that I could meet both the doctors at the same place “


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